Castel Sant'Angelo -- used as a tomb for the emperor, a castle, a prison,
and a place of refuge for popes under attack, and, today, a museum.

Ponte Emanuele -- a bridge across the Tiber River Piazza Navona The Pantheon Altar inside The Pantheon Flowers found near Via Del Corso
The Royal Court -- our hotel in Rome.  Bill is standing next to the window to our room. Display at St. Peter-In-Chains Church Taking a break before we hike through Palatine Hill Palatine Hill -- the ruins of the emperor's palaces, located above the old Forum Some of the walls and floors of the old palaces
Looking out over the Forum from Palatine Hill The view from the top of the Spanish Steps The view from the bottom of the Spanish Steps The Sinking Boat Fountain near the bottom of the Spanish Steps Bill takes a drink from the fountain

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