The railroad bridge over the Rhine River

We approach the Cologne Cathedral, seen here from the park along the Rhine The front of the Cologne Cathedral The twin towers of the cathedral.  We'll soon be climbing - up the right one.  Note the scaffolding on the left tower. - Just about every cathedral we saw was undergoing repairs. Musicians playing classical music on accordions in front of the cathedral.  They sounded really good! The interior of the cathedral
The pipe organ One of the stained glass windows of the cathedral A close up view of the window Another window And another one. Even on a cloudy day the colors are brilliant
Information about the cathedral tower we are about to climb Part way up the tower.  Bill said there must be a special place in - Hell for those who put graffiti on an 800 year old cathedral. More of the graffiti; definitely not appropriate! The first landing, about three quarters of the way up the tower. I found Bill watching the crowd as he waited for me to arrive

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