Highlights Of Larry's Trip to Europe

September 3 - 23, 1998

This is just a sample of the more than
300 photos taken on the trip.

Louis Chiofalo and Larry flew non-stop from
San Francisco to Heathrow Airport in London.
We begin our trip there...

Louis and Alan Ashmole
Louis and Alan Ashmole in Camden Town, London

Louis, Larry and Jeremy Gyer in Brighton, England

Larry and Jeremy enjoying a
brew at a local pub in Brighton

We then took the train north for
a three-day tour of Scotland.
Our first stop is Edinburgh, which
has many beautiful old buildings.

Here we find Larry overlooking the
heather-covered Scottish Highlands.

Loch Ness - Urquhart Castle
This is Urquhart Castle
above Loch Ness, Scotland.
Larry searched and searched . . .
but he didn't see the monster.

Tulloch Castle      Ardoe House
The tour included two night's stays in castles that
also included complete dinners.  The first night
we stayed at Tulloch Castle in Dingwall (left)
and the second night at Ardoe House in Aberdeen.

Galmis Castle
We toured Glamis Castle near Kirriemuir,
Scotland - Home of the Queen Mum

From Scotland we traveled south to York,
England, where we met Ivor Jones, G6URP,
a ham radio friend of Larry's, shown
here with Louis.  No...we didn't ride
the bicycles. We saw the sights on foot.

York Canal
It looks like Amsterdam, but
it's a beautiful canal in York.

Returning from Scotland and Northern England
we met Derek King, G4JKE, another ham radio
friend of Larry's, at Waterloo Station in London.
Here we caught the Eurostar train that goes
though the Chunnel from Great Britain to France.

Eiffel Tower
Arc de Triomphe
Yes...we're in Paris!  It's a beautiful
city full of famous sights, such as the
Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe...

The Louvre
Opera House
... The Louvre, and the famous Opera House
from the movie "Phantom of the Opera".

Institute of France
Larry on the pedestrian walkway over the
River Seine in front of the Institute of France

Leaving Paris, Louis went off to Switzerland and Italy.
Larry headed to Germany and The Netherlands.

Dirk Busold
Larry met Dirk Busold
in Hannover, Germany

Old Church
This beautiful old church in Hannover
is left as a reminder of World War II.

Han's Home
Larry stayed with Hans Meijer and
Ieda Snoek in Amsterdam.  The
arrow points to their apartment.

Magna Plaza
Magna Plaza in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal
A typical canal in Amsterdam

Hans in his living room

Han's and Ieda's friend, Rob, (left)
with Ieda (right)

From Amsterdam Larry traveled to Brittany
located in the northwestern part of France.

Eric's home and train shop Train shop and castle
Here he visited Eric De Lorgeril and Gildas Le Dauphin
in Langueux, which is located on the English Channel
near San Brieuc.  In the left photo is Eric's home
and his model train shop.  On the right is the model
train shop and part of a very beautiful old family castle.

Eric - Model Train Shop
Eric in his model train shop

Gildas - Eric
Gildas and Eric near a unique lighthouse
overlooking the rocky coast of the English
Channel in the area known as Cotes d'Armor.

Eric and Larry

Gildas above a beach on the English Channel

Larry and Gildas on the rocky coast

Larry and Eric

Larry and Eric with his Suzuki 750

Larry met Louis back in Paris for
the flight home to San Francisco.


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