Sunset as we head back to Beatty via Pahrump.

March 18 - We're just outside Beatty to the west. - We're going to check out the ghost town of Rhyolite. This is a home that was built entirely of bottles and cement. Most of the old buildings are now ruins. We stop by the sign as we head back into Death Valley.
An interesting white leafed plant. Sand dunes On the road to Stovepipe Wells we pass through a narrow lake bed.  It's already dry. On the road out of the park we can look back at the mountains surrounding Telescope Peak.
Of course there are still lots of wildflowers to see! The wind was blowing so hard it was blowing Bill's beard sideways. The white stem is part of the plant, but we don't know what it is. Larry found the only red flowers in Death Valley. - We didn't see any others anywhere in the park.

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