Flagpole and tower atop the new Parliament Building

Bill and Larry in the viewing area under the tower View of the old Parliament Building - from the new Parliament Building - looking toward the National War Memorial. - Note the Christmas tree. Chambers of the House of Representatives Senate Chambers The Capital buildings at night - viewed from a hill behind the War Memorial - looking toward the Parliament Buildings
Monday, December 9 - Enroute to Sydney we stopped for - lunch and found this booted specimen... ...and this long haired man Our first stop in Sydney is for a view of the Harbour Bridge A woman walking her dog offered to take a photo - of the three of us, Larry, Bill and Ron Tuesday, December 10 - A rainy day in Sydney. - Bill on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
View of the Harbour Bridge from inside the Opera House The outside of the Opera House was designed to look like boat sails It was a gloomy day in Sydney. - That's Larry in the red raincoat in the distance. Sydney monorail Another view of the monorail

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