Packet Radio Information

Packet Radio

Information from Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ
San Francisco, California

Larry's eighteen-part tutorial on packet radio -
in HTML format for reading on the Web:
"Introduction to Packet Radio"

Larry's eighteen-part tutorial on packet radio -
in text (ASCII) format for use by
newsletter editors and BBS sysops
"Introduction to Packet Radio"

Other Packet Radio Sites Of Interest

APRS Station Location Maps:

BayCom packet radio hardware and software:
Baycom - Bavarian Packet Radio Group

FBB Packet Radio BBS - Information and Software:

Flexnet - German Software Development:
Flexnet Group
A group of German hams who spend their time developing software
for Amateur packet radio.  Their main project is the PC/FlexNet package.

Florida - Southeastern Emergency Digital Association Networks
Florida SEDAN

Northern California Coordination and Education Group
Northern California Packet Association (NCPA)

Packet Development Group:
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR)
Lots of files to download!

Winlink 2000:
Global Radio Email System

Winlink RMS Packet Location Maps:

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amateur radio information and links.

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