Looking north across the meadow to the granite walls that line Yosemite Valley

Bill in front of Upper Yosemite Fall A close up of Upper Yosemite Fall Larry on the boardwalk to the Merced River with Upper Yosemite Fall above The Merced River Looking east toward North Dome
Most of the snow is gone, but some still remains at the higher elevations to the north of Half Dome The granite formations along the north wall of the valley with North Dome on the right North Dome, 7525 feet, and Washington Column to the right of it Close up shot of North Dome.  You can clearly see the - varnish, the black areas, here on the granite wall. Half Dome, 8836 feet -- Bill climbed to the top of this peak several years ago.
Close up shot of Half Dome Glacier Point, 7214 feet, rising above Camp Curry Another small fall seen trickling down the mountain Birds spotted near to where we were taking pictures The parking lot was a bit muddy.  According to the ranger, - there were four feet of snow here just three weeks ago.

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