Around Home and San Francisco
Winter-Spring, 2016
Page 2

Daffodill from our neighbor's garden

Calalily from our garden

February 20 - The plum petals are already starting to fall

March 7 - Lunch with Ken Gourley at the Cove on Castro Street restaurant.
This photo was taken on the sidewalk outside the restaurant.

March 15 - Our flowering Camellias

March 19 - View of mustard flowers growing on Twin Peaks,
taken through the wires from our dining room window.

March 22 - Bill and Larry took a drive up to Twin Peaks and then out to the beach.
Here is the view from Twin Peaks looking toward downtown San Francisco.

The view of our neighborhood at 21st and Eureka Streets as seen from Twin Peaks.
Our home is the one with the brown roof in the lower center of the picture.

We stopped at the Windmill in Golden Gate Park near the beach.

We then went to Ocean Beach

This is a huge cluster of Echium seen near the beach.

Views from the beach

Mount Tamalpais in the distance with Seal Rocks and the Cliff House in the foreground

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