It's Thursday morning, May 24. We've passed through all of Saskatchewan overnight and
are now in western Manitoba. This is a grain elevator, which we see many of along the tracks.


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In Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have a forty-five minute stop. - This is a shot of the beautiful dome of Union station. We take a stroll outside and get a view of the station exterior. Some of the Winnipeg skyline When we return to the train, the dining car is ready for lunch. After lunch we relax in the Park Car and enjoy the views.
We pass through a rocky canyon as we enter western Ontario. This is the view from the second Skyline dome car in about the center of the train. We are now entering the Canadian Shield area of Ontario. This area has lots of lakes, many with homes and cabins on them. A view inside the dome of the Park Car.
We arrive at Sioux Lookout where we have about 30 minutes to stretch our legs. A group photo taken by Keith at Sioux Lookout - l-r: Norman, Tom, John, Larry, Gaylord, Ed, Iain, Andre, Tom, Larry and Bill Time to get back on board Party time in the Park Car as we roll through the night.

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