Bill shows why San Francisco hippies wear headbands.

Our house as seen from Twin Peaks. - It is the house with dark green shutters right in the middle of the photograph. Bill did not do this to his beard, the wind did it, honest! - He is bracing himself against the wind in a stand of iris north of the north Twin Peak. The Bay is about to run downhill and flood San Jose. - (If you believe this, there is a bridge in the picture we'd like to sell you!) - The wind was also blowing Larry around as he took the picture and that is why it is crooked.
Larry with lupine and California poppies. Flowers along Twin Peaks Boulevard north of Burnett Street. Larry finds some lilacs! We don't see many of them here. Light purple irises. - The next few photos are of flowers in people's gardens seen on our way home. Tulips.

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