Bill on the south side of the south Twin Peak.

Larry on that same trail under the watchful eye of Sutro Tower. Downtown as seen from the south Twin Peak. - The Bay Bridge is on the right side of the picture and - the bell tower at the University of California in Berkeley - can be seen above the nearest bridge tower. High winds make Bill's beard swirl, making about a 190 degree curl. - Bill is sitting on the trail up the south Twin Peak - near a lupine flower that blooms every spring on these hills. At Bill's feet, more California poppies bloom. From the south Twin Peak a view of the north one.
Bill shows why San Francisco hippies wear headbands. Our house as seen from Twin Peaks. - It is the house with dark green shutters right in the middle of the photograph. Bill did not do this to his beard, the wind did it, honest! - He is bracing himself against the wind in a stand of iris north of the north Twin Peak. The Bay is about to run downhill and flood San Jose. - (If you believe this, there is a bridge in the picture we'd like to sell you!) - The wind was also blowing Larry around as he took the picture and that is why it is crooked.

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