Around Home - Flowers and Trees
Spring-Summer, 2018

Every year during the first week of February our two
Plum trees provide a beautiful array of flowers!

Our Calla Lilies are the first garden flowers to show up.

Our Camelias are next to bloom. Also shown are the
leaves of our rubber tree and the shefflera tree.

Another view of the camelias with the shefflera below
and the flowers of the Chinese Evergreen at the fence.

Our roses in the box on the front railing

Flowers on our front step

Our beautiful hydrangea flowers

Our agapanthas flowers

Our first lilies flower in mid-June.

The following series of photos show the large variety of plants that Kevin has added to our garden this year.

Next we find the beautiful burgundy lilies followed by the
abundance of white lilies and then the two red lilies.

A large display of dahlias arrive next

Fireflame plants

Out on the sidewalk you find our fuschias,
holly bush, and our gorgeous strawberry tree.

That completes the views of all of our flowers and trees for Spring and Summer, 2018.

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