The gold doors were quite elaborate on these towers.  They led to restrooms. - The dam was built during the Art Deco period and it oozed of it. Everyone was touching this statue's feet.  We never thought to take - a picture of it, so we don't now recall what the rest of it looked like! On the tour, deep into the bowels of the dam.
Hydroelectric generators The view of the dam from the visitors' center overlook on the Nevada side. Looking straight down at the dam from the overlook. Looking way down to the buildings with the generators. These towers were built at an angle on purpose to facilitate bringing - the wires up from the generating station and then across country.
From Hoover Dam we drove to Kingman, Arizona, where we spent the night. - ------------- - Wednesday, October 12 - From Kingman we headed east on Historic U.S. Route 66.  This is - Hackberry, Arizona.  We were through here years ago and a hippie guy - lived here, groovin' on Route 66. There was no one around this morning. We left Route 66 here and got on eastbound I-40. Larry, at the Grand Canyon, of course! Enjoy the views! You can see the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon.

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