It was difficult to get a picture due to the railing, but I had to show
how full Shasta Lake was. I haven't seen it this full in many years.

We stopped at a roadside rest area we've stopped at many times before. - You get a very nice view of Mt. Shasta here. A woman at the rest area offered to take a picture of the two of us. Black Butte, just off I-5 north of the town of Mt. Shasta
An interesting rock ridge.  Can't remember exactly where this is. - It could be Northern Califoria or Southern Oregon. We visited Lars (in hat) and Paul at their farm in Corvallis, Oregon, for a couple of days. Silver Fall at Silver Falls State Park, northeast of Corvallis. - Compare the size of the fall to the people on the footpath below. Lars, Bill and Larry (taking photo) went on the trip to the falls. Flowers seen along the footpath

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