Near the Cottonwood exit we get a better view of Mt. Shasta.

It was difficult to get a picture due to the railing, but I had to show - how full Shasta Lake was.  I haven't seen it this full in many years. We stopped at a roadside rest area we've stopped at many times before. - You get a very nice view of Mt. Shasta here. A woman at the rest area offered to take a picture of the two of us.
Black Butte, just off I-5 north of the town of Mt. Shasta An interesting rock ridge.  Can't remember exactly where this is. - It could be Northern Califoria or Southern Oregon. We visited Lars (in hat) and Paul at their farm in Corvallis, Oregon, for a couple of days. Silver Fall at Silver Falls State Park, northeast of Corvallis. - Compare the size of the fall to the people on the footpath below. Lars, Bill and Larry (taking photo) went on the trip to the falls.

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