We must say, 'Ours is bigger!' - You could not walk on this bridge. - The monorail tracks went across it.
The main drag in Hollywood looked two miles - long but notice the change in the sky. - Most of the street is fake, painted on a building. - It was one of the most incredible optical illusions - we had ever seen.  Every tactic the eye uses for - depth perception, save triangulation, had been exploited. They had things converge, they had things get hazier. - One thing they could not fool was the sun. - It casts shadows of real lampposts on the mural.
This was a maze of bouncing mesh passageways. Bill had great fun in the mesh, far above the ground! Our last photo from Disneyland, The Electric Light Parade! - (It used to be on the Disneyland side but they moved it over to California Adventure) Just outside where we had Wednesday brunch in Laguna Beach - Bill, Norman, and Art

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