Fittingly, today Bill wore an old U.S. 50 T-shirt that he bought several years ago. The ''Shoe Tree''. There was a bigger tree used for this purpose right next to it, until - someone cut it down. People just moved their shoe-tossing to this tree adjacent to it.
Due to mountains, there are few ways to cross Nevada.  The Pony Express through - most of Nevada ran very close to the route later selected for the Lincoln Highway. - This sign was at the ruins of what was once a Pony Express station.
The police had us pull over to wait for this to go by. Today we experienced beautiful clear weather with temperatures in the 70s. Austin, Nevada. The towns on U.S. 50 are 90 miles apart, so it was good to see a town. We had lunch at the International Cafe.  Their fresh fruit pies were excellent!

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