Altamont Pass is very windy, and its many windmills
comprise one of the world's largest wind farms.

The Lincoln Highway leaves the Altamont Pass area and - drops to the valley floor. It soon enters the town of Tracy. The Lincoln Highway ran north-south along what is now California Route 99. Leaving the Sacramento area and heading east, we are again on a two-lane road. Into the Sierra the valley grasslands give way to tall pines. - Now on U.S. 50, we take a break and stretch our legs.
The South Fork of the American River ran alongside the road. Granite is seen throughout the Sierra of California. We crest the Sierra on U.S. 50.  The Lincoln Highway will follow - route 50 through most of Nevada. Expect the vegetation - along the highway to be nothing like this, though!
We come around a bend and Lake Tahoe lies in the distance below us. The main drag in the City of South Lake Tahoe is always within a few blocks of the lake. We spend our first night in this Quality Inn, right on the Lincoln Highway.

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