The view of the beach and nearby islands from the highway.

The view keeps getting better as we climb the hill. Looking north from the parking lot of Makapuu Point Park at the top of the hill. This shows the parking lot and the trail we'll be climbing up the side of the hill. - The trail winds around the hill and up the back side to the lighthouse. This is the view looking south as we climb the hill. Interesting cactus found along the trail.  It reminded us of calamari. The view looking back north to the parking lot and the road we walked along.
The view of the coast from the south side of the hill we were climbing.  Note all of the black lava rock. If you look closely, you can see the island of Molokai rising out of the - ocean on the horizon about 40 miles away.  Look right below the clouds. We saw several whales not too far from shore. We then found this sign along the trail. The trail climbed along the back side of the hill through lava rock. Flowers seen along the trail.

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