Romeo & Romeo Cafe where we often had breakfast

We met friends, Tom and Chris, from Montreal talking here with Iain. The Mr. B leather and gear store Looks like Fred bought some goodies We had dinner at Frank and Dan's home in Falkensee, a Berlin suburb. - Here are Fred, Frank, Dan and Iain in their garden. Fred, Dan, Iain and Larry
Meet Larry, the redwood tree, pointed out here by the black arrow. - Frank purchased the tree as a small sprig at Muir Woods National Monument - during a visit to San Francisco many years ago.  It's doing well in the Berlin suburb. Shopping center in downtown Berlin taken on our way back to our hotel from Frank and Dan's home Old bombed out Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church in downtown - Berlin, a memorial to the bombings of World War II The crowd assembles for the Folsom Europe Fair in Berlin

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