The rathaus and the cathedral are at opposite ends of this court yard

Aachen's Cathedral founded by Charlemagne in the year 800 The great chandelier in Aachen's Cathedral, 13 feet 9 inches in diameter, is suspended from the - ceiling by an 88 foot long chain.  The chandelier has 16 turrets to symbolize Holy Jerusalem. The stained glass windows of the cathedral We leave the cathedral and head for the shopping district One of the main shopping areas of Aachen
Someone blindfolded him We walked through this garden located between busy city streets We pause by a fountain in the city park The dog waits for ball to float closer Bill straddles three countries.  This is the point where Germany, - The Netherlands and Belgium meet.  Bill is sitting in Belgium with - his left foot in The Netherlands and his right foot in Germany.
Larry is sitting on the highest point in The Netherlands Observation deck at the park, actually located in Belgium Aachen's main hospital, a controversial project due to the architectural design.  It doesn't look finished. Steffen shows us a view of Aachen from a hilltop park A view of Aachen from the hilltop

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