Larry at Dam Square where they were setting up a carnival

Bill by the National Monument at Dam Square Lunch at a sidewalk cafe Looking down one of the Amsterdam canals Here's another one of the famous canals The canals are busy with tour boats and pleasure craft
What's this mechanism? People live in the house boats tied up along the canals A new subway line is going in Trams in front of Centraal Station Waiting for our train to Utrecht to visit Michael and Nicholas.
Bill, Nicholas and Michael by the canal in Utrecht Larry, Nicholas and Michael Cathedral in Utrecht -- From here we went to Michael and Nicholas's home and visited, - had dinner, and visited some more and before we knew it, it was almost midnight.  Saturday, August 7: -  - Today was the day of the big Gay Pride parade. Dirk and Frank from Belgium would be joining us.  It was really great to meet Dirk after emailing with him for a long time. We all went for lunch in Rembrandt Platz and while there, Wayne, a friend of Dave and Larry's from Oakland, stopped by to say 'Hi'. He said he recognized us as we passed by where they were eating. Small world! -  -       Lunch at Rembrandt Platz... Bill, Frank, John and Dirk

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