Two peacocks seen on the castle wall

On the highway to York, we see a large electrical power plant. - This is a coal burning plant, not nuclear. We pass by Nottingham and go through Sherwood Forest.  We did not see Robin Hood. The remains of an old castle seen as we approach the city of York The River Ouse in York York City Hall
The downtown shopping area of York We begin our walk through The Shambles This is one of the streets of The Shambles.  Note the lowered center area where - Bill is standing.  That is where the garbage and waste was washed through the streets. Many of the old buildings jutted out over the street The Shambles is a huge tourist area today with a variety of shops and restaurants
The Minster Cathedral Part of the wall that surrounds the old city of York We visit the National Railway Museum of England Many neat old locomotives and rail cars are on display at the museum.

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