Boots -- no, they don't sell footwear. It's a big drug and pharmacy store seen all over the UK.

Interesting sign seen on Carnaby Street A view of Regent Street. We arrive at Piccadilly Circus.  Circus means that it's a circle.  There are no clowns or trapeze artists.
Larry is standing in the center of Piccadilly Circus. From Piccadilly Circus we are going to head for Trafalgar Square. We pass through the London theatre district. Trafalgar Square
Countdown clock to the Olympics in London in 2012 The National Gallery Check out who's in the crowd.  We didn't notice them when we were there. Bill stands next an actual living picture near the National Gallery. - Those are all live plants that were used to design the picture. It started to rain, so we ducked in here for lunch.  This is a chain seen - all over the UK and they make great salads, soups and sandwiches.

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