Border Field

California's Ugliest State Park

Scenic Park Entrance Border Field State Park is located in the far southwestern corner of the 48 contiguous states, in an undeveloped desert floodplain in San Diego. This is the scenic park entrance. The day we were there (April Fool's Day, 1997) the road was closed because raw sewage was flowing across the road. We had to park near the entrance and walk around the aromatic puddle and then two miles down the road to the main area of the park.
Yellow Wildflowers Yellow wildflowers sprout at Larry's feet. Diesel generators provide power to light the park for its frequent night time visitors. One of these tastefully appointed lighting fixtures can be seen on the left. In the distance on the far left, a government truck is positioned on a high hill, giving its occupants a sweeping view of the park.
Lavender Wildflowers By timing our visit to the height of the wildflower season, we were treated to this hillside of lavender.
Beach Broken by Fence This is the southwestern corner of the United States. If this pesky ocean had not been encountered, this beautiful fence could have been made even longer.
Obelisk This marble obelisk was made in New York, and it was brought around the horn by ship and erected here in 1851 to mark the southwestern corner of our nation and proclaim our friendship with Mexico. The large round slab on which it sits was clearly designed to allow one to walk around the monument. This would now not be easy, because of the fence, which was no doubt erected to further celebrate our friendship with Mexico. We all know that "good fences make good neighbors"!
Tijuana Although the park is within the city limits of San Diego, there are no buildings within two miles of here in San Diego. Across the fence, though, lies a neighborhood of Tijuana, with houses, stores, neighborhood streets, and a large bull ring. It was hot that day, and we would have loved to have walked over to one of the stores for a Coke! Unfortunately, there were no holes in the fence at the hour of our visit.

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